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Barbara Spurr - Landscape Paintings and Prints

Barbara Spurr - Landscape Paintings and Prints

Barbara Spurr has worked in the local art scene for many years and  has a background in teaching and graphic design. Bar produces rich, colourful sea and landscape paintings and prints, often focusing on the surrounding Sussex area.

"I lost my sight in both eyes due to cataracts in 1994, however, I began painting again after a successful operation in 1995. Regaining my vision gave me new inspiration to be an artist and strongly affected the way I now work."

"I love to create deep, rich colours in my work to describe the landscapes around me, using a range of materials including pastels, acrylics, pen and ink to interpret what I can see."

Bebe Bird - Ceramic Sculptures

Bebe creates hand-built unique ceramic sculptures, often with an everyday use, and has a background in mixed disciplines including wood, metal, plastics and ceramics.

Nature has always been a major source of inspiration for me; combining elements from landscapes and objects found; simplifying and transforming the initial idea through the creative process into something new.

Gardening has long been a passion of mine so much of my work is made with this setting in mind. I love working with clay, creating forms for others to find and enjoy. Each piece is hand built, sometimes with the additional support of a plaster mould enabling them to portray their distinctive individuality.

I after re-discovering my pottery wheel  I have been enjoying the challenges of a very different discipline.  Making things for everyday use brings new challenges. My attention span to reproduce many pots of a similar shape is limited. Mass production is not for me.

The clays I use are a Grogged Terracotter, fired to 1140C and Buff Smooth, a stoneware clay fired to 1240C.

My animals are made from Crank and are frost hardy although I recommend some protection mid winter as it can get very cold.

Bebe Bird - Ceramic Sculptures